Strength Conditioning at Layne Performance

“If I can do the work faster than you, I win.” All else equal, most sports are determined by this simple adage. In physical terms, work is applying a force over a given distance. Power is the rate at which we perform work. More powerful athletes get the work done faster, meaning they run faster, jump higher, cut more quickly, and overcome their opponents more often. Thus, power is perhaps the most critical physical characteristic underlying athletic performance.

At Layne Performance, we create powerful athletes.

How? Ultimately, power is the product of force (strength) and speed. We leverage a combination of strength and speed-based resistance training to improve maximal performance in a variety of critical sport-related tasks, like jumping, cutting, accelerating, and sprinting. There are no magical shortcuts or vague promises here. Just hard work structured around the latest science in program design.

The Layne Performance Difference

Dr. Layne was educated and mentored under some of the best in sport science and strength conditioning. He has served as a sport scientist and strength coach for D1 collegiate sports teams, and he is bringing his expertise and the collegiate training environment to your athletes.

Layne Performance delivers professional coaching along with the environment of a collegiate or professional weight room. Working with Layne Performance, your athletes will develop physically and mentally as they prepare for the next level of competition.

How does it work?

Dr. Layne will perform a needs analysis for your athletes or team. This includes an evaluation of your competition and practice schedule, a breakdown of the critical skills required for your sport, and the physical needs of your athletes (nutrition, body composition, size, etc.). Dr. Layne will then provide a training plan that is specific for your athletes, including position-specific training options. Throughout training, Dr. Layne will perform periodic athlete monitoring, including speed and power testing, technique analysis, and body composition testing.

When should athletes start working with a strength conditioning coach?

Athletes of all ages and skill levels would benefit from professional strength conditioning. At Layne Performance, we follow Long-Term Athlete Development plans outlined by sport governing bodies. These plans detail areas of focus for athletes starting as young as 5-7 years old. Young athletes begin with basic techniques like running, cutting, jumping, and basic resistance training. As athletes get older, the focus shifts towards more advanced training (strength and power) and the incorporation of more frequent competition. The basic premise of Long-Term Athlete Development is to develop a wide base of sport skills and to avoid specialization and burnout in young athletes.

Read more about Long-term Athlete Development here.

How to get started with Layne Performance

Please fill out the form below to get started. Dr. Layne will contact you and set up an initial consultation to determine your needs and goals. He will then conduct a needs analysis for your athlete or team and formulate an annual plan.

We look forward to helping your athletes reach the next level.