Barbell Strength

Our Barbell Strength series of classes work together to fast-track your progress. If you have some training experience or have completed Barbell Basics and you are looking to maximize your results, Barbell Strength is for you.

How it works

The Barbell Strength classes are our “graduate” level strength classes (if you’re new to barbell training, try Barbell Basics!). Barbell Strength classes work together to give you a weekly, total-body workout to enhance your overall strength and physique. To get the maximum benefit, we recommend attending at least two classes per week.

What you get

  • Access to all of our Barbell Strength classes
  • Conditioning class access
  • Strength program designed by Dr. Layne and delivered through the AthleteMonitoring app
  • Complimentary access to our nutrition app
  • Free access to our monthly technique clinics (see Events schedule).

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