Barbell Basics Course


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Barbell Basics at Layne Performance – Starts July 6th, 2021

If you’ve never worked out before, or you’ve wanted to try free weight exercises but don’t know where to start, sign up for Barbell Basics at Layne Performance!

This 8-week course will teach you:

-Basic movement, mobility and bracing for major barbell exercises like squats, deadlift, and pressing.

-How to properly structure your workouts for maximum efficacy and safety

-How to progress exercises over time for consistent results

-How to adjust your sets, repetitions, and weights to meet your goals

At the end of this course, you’ll be stronger and more confident with the barbell. You will have built the foundation to continue in any of Layne Performance’s resistance exercise classes, including our Olympic weightlifting class.

This 8-week course will consist of 3 weekly classes taught by Dr. Andrew Layne, pre- and post- performance testing, a FREE BodPod assessment (find out how much muscle mass you have, a $50 value!), and a general nutrition consultation. Layne Performance is also the safest way to train right now, with no equipment sharing, 10 feet between lifting platforms, and your group gets the entire gym!

Normally, this package would cost nearly $400. But we’re offering it for $300 for new participants. That’s just $12.50 per class!

Schedule:  Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm OR 7-8pm, Saturday 12-1pm OR 1:15-2:15pm.

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