Conditioning (Hiit)

HIIT Conditioning Classes Near Downtown Gainesville, FL

Want a fun, fast-paced alternative to jogging on a treadmill? Improve your endurance and heart health with the conditioning class at Layne Performance. We leverage short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods to get your blood pumping. But this isn’t just exercise to make you tired. You’ll learn skills like sprint mechanics, bounding (jumping for distance and height), and agility.

Not in great shape? Don’t worry. We’ll never push you to do anything you aren’t ready to do. Just show up and try your best.

How it works

The conditioning class is included for Barbell Strength members. Other Layne Performance members can add a conditioning class pass for a small monthly fee.

The conditioning class currently meets Tuesdays from 5:30-6pm.

What you get

  • Weekly cardiovascular group training
  • Access to the conditioning class included with Barbell Strength memberships (counts as a visit if you purchase a class pass)
  • Other members can add on conditioning class access

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