Coaching the Clean and Jerk Clinic

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Coaching the Clean and Jerk – Concepts, Cuing, and Performance – In-person or virtual – SATURDAY, JUNE 19th, 2021 with Dr. Andrew Layne, PhD, CSCS, USAW L2

**New date – Saturday, June 19th, 2021**

Join me at Layne Performance for our 2nd Annual Coaching the Clean and Jerk clinic. This hands-on learning experience will prepare you to properly implement the clean, jerk, and clean partials into your athletes’ training programs. The clean has long been a cornerstone of training for strength and power, and it is a great training tool for improving your athletes’ coordination, speed and explosiveness both on the platform and on the field. However, to reap the benefits of the clean and jerk, your athletes must be performing them correctly. 

At the completion of this clinic, you will be familiar with 1) coaching key aspects of the clean and jerk, including the set up, liftoff, transition, pull, catch, and recovery, 2) identifying common performance errors and using the proper cues and/or corrective drills and exercises to alleviate these errors, and 3) performing the clean, jerk, and other derivative exercises. 

This clinic is intended for scholastic weightlifting coaches and other sports coaches interested in utilizing the clean and jerk in their athletes’ conditioning program. The clinic is open to all, but is provided FREE for Florida scholastic coaches.

Space is limited to allow for proper social distancing. Please reserve your spot quickly!


8-8:30am: Sign in

8:30 – 9:45am: Lecture – Overview of the clean and jerk: Purpose, biomechanics, barpath, and implementation in training

9:45-10:00am: Break

10-11:30am: Practical – Clean and jerk and partials: cues and corrections

11:30am-12pm: Discussion with Dr. Andrew Layne

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