Physical Therapy

Angel Ceballos, PT, DPT

Angel Ceballos, DPT

Layne Performance has partnered with Angel Ceballos, PT, DPT to provide online physical therapy services.

About Angel

Angel Ceballos is a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate from the University of Miami, and will become a Sports certified specialist upon completing his sports residency program at the University of Florida in 2020. A Miami native, Angel was drawn to physical therapy in high school after working with physical therapists to recover from various lacrosse and football injuries. Currently, Angel is certified in Blood Flow Restriction training (BFR) and is a certified strength and conditioning coach. Angel has an interest in injury prevention, adolescent sports rehab and concussion rehab.  He is passionate about helping people recover from various sporting injuries and returning people to their active lifestyle. Outside of work, you can find Angel coaching football and lacrosse at a local middle and high school, while providing the community with an online, money conscious alternative to traditional rehab and coaching.