Layne Performance and Pediatrics


Life-long fitness begins early

Kids who participate in structured physical activity are more likely to be active into adulthood. At Layne Performance, we work with children of any age to achieve health goals, improve performance, and lay the foundation for life-long fitness.

Feel confident with Layne Performance

Andrew Layne, PhD, is an expert in pediatric exercise. Dr. Layne carefully crafts and executes exercise plans that are safe, effective, and age-appropriate. Whether the goal is weight loss, increasing muscle mass, improving endurance, or maximizing physical ability, Layne Performance has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Partnering to improve patient health

Dr. Layne partners with local physicians, therapists, dietitians, and researchers to provide the best care for your patients. He will work as part of your care team to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients, no matter the goal.

Partner with Layne Performance

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