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Barbell Basics

Build your confidence with the barbell with our 6-week course. Click below to find out more and to secure your spot! Next section begins May 10th.

Layne Performance’s line of barbell classes, taught by Dr. Andrew Layne, PhD, CSCS

If you have experience with a barbell or you’ve completed Barbell Basics, the next step is to join the Barbell Strength at Layne Performance. These are our “graduate level” barbell classes, and they are designed to work together to develop several aspects of fitness on separate days throughout the week. Our Barbell Strength classes will develop your physique, strength, power (speed) and conditioning in the most efficient way possible. You can mix and match classes to emphasize the fitness aspects that are most important to you, or let us help you decide the best schedule for your goals!

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2022 Clinics

Our 2022 clinic schedule is out! To see it and to sign up, visit https://layne-performance.com/events

Weightlifting Technique

Are you currently participating in CrossFit or a strength conditioning program that includes Olympic weightlifting? I have found that many people participating in these programs feel that their progress is limited by their weightlifting technique. The Weightlifting Technique class at Layne Performance gives you the opportunity to focus on your technique under the supervision of a qualified, experienced weightlifting coach, while still participating in your other activities.

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Layne Performance is the safest way to train. Our clients and classes get to the gym to themselves, and our workouts do not require equipment sharing.

We also have training for older adults, youth athletes, and Olympic weightlifters.