Weightlifting at Layne Performance

Weightlifting is one of the fastest-growing sports, and for good reason. It is the most powerful and explosive sport, and many of the performance characteristics trained through weightlifting are critical for performance in all other strength-power sports, like track & field, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. As a result, weightlifting will make you a better athlete in general. Plus, it is just challenging enough to keep you coming back session after session to achieve that perfect lift, while also being fun and enjoyable. You’ll never go back to your normal training routine once you’ve tried weightlifting.

Layne Performance weightlifter Christopher Krieg nails a 100kg snatch at American Open Series 3 in Daytona Beach, FL 2019

The purpose of the weightlifting club at Layne Performance is to provide a world-class training experience for weightlifters of all skill levels, and to compete at the local, national, and international levels. Just as importantly, Layne Performance strives to provide a welcoming community for aspiring weightlifters in the Gainesville and surrounding areas, and to promote and grow the sport in the area.

How to get involved

The weightlifting club at Layne Performance is open to weightlifters of all ages and skill levels. In fact, we encourage weightlifters to begin weightlifting as early as possible, as the sport is safe and enjoyable for kids and even older adults. We strive to create life-long weightlifters at Layne Performance.

Layne Performance offers both adult and youth weightlifting classes. Please see the Classes page for details, class times, and to sign up.

Our competitive weightlifters train 4-6 times per week and compete several times per year in local and national competitions. Competition is optional, but encouraged.


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