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Barbell Basics Course

Great for people who are new to resistance training, or who want to perfect their technique with the barbell.

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Healthy Aging – In-facility and Virtual

Category: Aging

Successful aging depends on maintaining strength and physical function throughout late life. Resistance training is the only intervention consistently shown to help maintain independence and physical function as we age. Join us for 45 minutes of resistance exercise clinically proven by UF researchers to keep you mobile into late life. Exercises can be scaled to accommodate different levels of function.

For ages 55+

Class schedule: MWF 11-11:45am

Adult Olympic Weightlifting (16+)

Categories: Weightlifting, sport performance

Layne Performance’s premier class and home of the Gator Weightlifting Club. Olympic weightlifting requires enormous strength and power. As a result, weightlifters are among the most powerful and explosive athletes. At Layne Performance, we focus on building lower body strength and explosiveness through squats and squat variations, pulling motions, and the Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk).

The Olympic weightlifting class meets four times per week. Weightlifters are required to attend four sessions per week. Weightlifters are also encouraged to compete in local and national competition.

First week is FREE for new weightlifters.

Class schedule: MTRF 6-8am EST, MWF 5-7pm, Saturday 9-11am.

Youth Sport Performance (5+)

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Categories: Weightlifting, Youth, Sport Performance

The Youth Sport Performance class at Layne Performance is perfect for young, aspiring athletes preparing their bodies for competition, improving their skills to make the next level, or for sport-specific conditioning. We focus on improving strength and explosive power using Olympic weightlifting, squats, deadlifts, and specific drills. Safe and effective for children and youth ages 5+.

Class schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5pm, and Saturday 11am-12pm.

Layne Performance’s line of barbell classes, taught by Dr. Andrew Layne, PhD, CSCS

Layne Performance’s “Barbell Series” classes consist of our introductory-level barbell courses–Barbell Basics and Barbell Basics Level 2– and Barbell Advanced.

Barbell Basics

Category: Barbell, Strength and Physique

Learn the basics of resistance training with a barbell. Work with Dr. Andrew Layne in a small class setting to perfect your technique with squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and other accessory exercises. The heavy weights can wait. This eight-week course is all about building confidence so that you can train pain-free.

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Barbell Basics – L2

Categories: Weightlifting, Strength and Physique

For those who have completed our Barbell Basics course, or those who have some barbell experience but want to learn new tricks. Barbell Basics L2 builds on the foundation of Barbell Basics by continuing to refine technique for squats, deadlifts, and presses while adding in some power and speed exercises.

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Barbell Advanced

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Categories: Barbell, Weightlifting, Strength and Physique

For those with significant resistance training experience. Barbell Advanced will push you to maximize your strength and power using resistance training. Barbell Advanced also incorporates Olympic weightlifting movements to add variety and complexity to your training.

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