Barbell Basics and Barbell Series

Our Barbell Basics and Barbell Series classes work together to fast-track your progress. If you are new to free weights or the barbell, check out Barbell Basics! If you have some training experience but are looking to maximize your results, our Barbell Series classes are for you.

Barbell Basics

This class is perfect for you if you’ve never worked out before or you’ve wanted to try free weight exercises but don’t know where to start.

This 6-week course will teach you:

-Basic movement, mobility and bracing for major barbell exercises like squats, deadlift, and pressing.

-How to properly structure your workouts for maximum efficacy and safety

-How to progress exercises over time for consistent results

-How to adjust your sets, repetitions, and weights to meet your goals 

This 6-week course will consist of 2 weekly classes, a FREE BodPod assessment (find out how much muscle mass you have, a $50 value!), and access to our nutrition app. 

Classes are Wednesday and Friday from 7-8pm starting on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021.

Barbell Series

If you have experience with a barbell or you’ve completed Barbell Basics, the next step is to join the Barbell Series at Layne Performance. These are our “graduate level” barbell classes, and they are designed to work together to develop several aspects of fitness on separate days throughout the week. Our Barbell Series classes will develop your physique, strength, power (speed) and conditioning in the most efficient way possible. You can mix and match classes to emphasize the fitness aspects that are most important to you, or let us help you decide the best schedule for your goals!

Series Classes


Strength is the ability to accelerate a mass, i.e. to produce force. We develop this ability by building muscle mass and subsequently teaching our nervous system to use that muscle mass. In this way, the strength class builds on our physique class to increase our ability to produce force. The strength class focuses on multi-joint exercises performed with a high load to make you stronger and more physically capable.

Example workout: (3-5 sets of 4-6 reps)

Pull from power position, Deadlift, Push press, Incline press, Bentover row


Power, underlies performance, and is the product of force and velocity. In other words, to develop power, we must move weights quickly. The Perform class utilizes explosive exercises like cleans, snatches, ball throws, and plyometrics to build speed and overall athleticism. While it may sound intimidating, exercises can be scaled and modified to fit any skill and fitness level.

Example workout: (3-5 sets of 2-4 reps)

Agility ladder drills, Jump shrugs, Push jerk w/front squat, Box jumps, Overhead ball toss


To train at your best, you must develop the capacity to do work repeatedly. The Conditioning class at Layne Performance builds your energy productions capabilities efficiently, while avoiding long, slow, distance exercise which can interfere with your strength training objectives. We utilize short, repeated sprints, sled pushes, jump roping, agility drills, and circuits to get your heart pumping.

Example session:

Dynamic warm up: high knees, butt kicks, A-walk, A-skip, double arm skip,

Modified T drill, 5x40m sprint with building intensity, 2x75m sprint, Get up and go get ‘ems

Click here to learn more about these classes and to view our class schedule: https://layne-performance.com/schedule/