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More than just a Gainesville gym. Led by Dr. Andrew Layne, PhD, CSCS, Layne Performance delivers evidence-based barbell training to improve your performance and quality of life.

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Barbell Basics starts Tuesday, August 30th! Reserve your spot.

Upcoming clinics – 3rd Annual Clean and Jerk Practical Clinic and Coaching the Clean and Jerk – July 16th and 17th, 2022. Register now!

Beth Dowling
Beth Dowling
The best. Highly trained and passionate about what he does. Andrew is kind, asks questions and listens to tailor a program that is specific for you. My husband has suffered with back pain for the past 5 years and tried multiple programs with no relief. After the first couple of sessions with Andrew, he has experienced dramatic improvement. Andrew is a blessing!
Dr. Layne is knowledgeable and professional; he can certainly help you reach your health goals. Most important, he's kind, flexible and creative, precisely what those with limiting health conditions need. Highly recommend.
Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders
Excellent strength training gym for real people from all walks of life. Strong positive and welcoming environment that is encouraging to everyone equally across gender, age, experience, or current state of fitness. Very detailed and insightful personalized coaching even during group classes. The building outside is nothing to look at, but the people inside are awesome.
Mandy 5urvivatrix
Mandy 5urvivatrix
Young survivor of multiple strokes. Have worked my way up from total paralysis with numerous Drs of PT, therapists, physicians, etc, and done loads on my own. Andrew is a blessing. His knowhow, experience and absolute dedication to match where I am on the moment had allowed me to make steady progress in things most coaches would have no clue about. Highly recommend Layne Performance and encourage you to try.
Beth Plitnikas
Beth Plitnikas
This is a gym for everyone! And ladies, don’t be intimidated, you’ll make a lot of amazing gains in your strength, muscle mass (you won’t get big, don’t worry!), and your overall feelings of empowerment, no matter your age! I’m nearly 60 & have seen my body & attitude change so much for the better in the last 7 months that I’ve been attending classes at Layne Performance! It’s the “Layne Effect”! 😁 Andrew Layne is the nicest & most low-key guy but he’s constantly assessing your form so there are no lifting injuries. He is a wealth of information & offers frequent free classes covering everything from nutrition to specific lifting techniques. Every single person that I’ve met is friendly and nice here. The gym is well kept & clean. The classes are for all ages & we really have a lot of fun together while getting stronger! 💪🏼 Give the “Layne Effect” a try, you’ll be glad you did!!
danielle lacouture
danielle lacouture
Andrew is the best coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at communicating proper technique. He knows a great deal about body mechanics, fitness, and health and answers my many questions with patience, professionalism, and respect. Andrew, along with the gym’s members, promote a welcoming, fun, and safe environment for all people. Definitely check this place out!
Rebecca Reitzel
Rebecca Reitzel
Megan Geiger
Megan Geiger
Some context: I’m a new mom in my late 20’s who has never found a fitness program that I enjoy. I’ve tried a lot of different programs and several different trainers. Historically, I’ve had a horrible relationship with my body and some disordered eating as a result of years of yo-yo dieting and weight loss by some kind of starvation plan. I wanted to try weightlifting because I wanted something that would help me focus on being strong instead of making me obsess over weight loss and would make me more confident in a gym setting. Andrew’s Barbell Basics class was exactly what I needed. It’s a small class, so each of us receives individual attention and coaching. Way more affordable than CrossFit, and I didn’t sustain any injuries. Andrew taught us solid, foundational weightlifting skills, focusing on our form and helping us build awareness of our body movements. In eight weeks I feel more confident in my strength than I ever have, and I’m excited every day that I have a class scheduled. Andrew’s coaching is gentle and direct and I have never felt judged or weak; he’s been great about helping me focus on strength building and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. This has also been a great option during the pandemic, each student has their own set of bars and weights and there is very little need to be in proximity to other students. Andrew always maintains a respectful distance and the place is sparkling clean. I would recommend this class or any training with Andrew for anyone who has never felt at home in a gym and wants the chance to see what your body is truly capable of. I’ve signed up for the next iteration of Barbell Basics and can’t wait to see how I feel in eight more weeks.
Rachel Scarboro
Rachel Scarboro
Layne Performance is a great gym here in Gainesville for anyone interested in weightlifting or strength training. The facility is always well-kept and clean, with plenty of equipment to use. Dr. Layne supervises every class so you will consistently receive feedback and personal attention. He is extremely knowledgeable and on top of the latest research to make sure you are hitting your goals and avoiding injury! I’m glad to have found my home training here.
Abraham Arroyo
Abraham Arroyo
Layne Performance is a really fun welcoming gym of like minded ordinary people that love self improvement. Regardless of your background, fitness level, etc, this gym is for anyone, and everyone. I've been going to Layne Performance for a little under two months, and I can confidently say that my technique and confidence under the bar has improved dramatically. If you want to achieve mental and physical goals you never thought possible, Layne Performance is the gym for you.

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Healthy Aging

Maximize healthspan and maintain independence through late-life.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Maximize your speed, strength and power while participating in one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.

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Safely build strength, improve movement skills, and reduce injury risk for any sport.

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Improve your physical function and your physique. Beginner through advanced options available.

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Web-based programming, personal and group training, and one-on-one consultations.

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Intensive educational seminars, clinics and webinars for athletes and coaches.

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